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Intern Picnic

Each summer, Glimmerglass hires some seventy interns to assist in various aspects of production, administration and artistic administration. This year, the Glimmerglass Opera National Council, which often underwrites a specific production, voted to support the internship program. Monday night, the Council continued their support by hosting a picnic dinner for the interns. For their part, interns happily ate while discussing their various jobs with council members. Whether painting hundreds of books for the Cenerentola set, wrestling unruly tulle into a sewing machine for La Traviata’s costumes, ventilating (hand knotting hair) for wigs, hanging and adjusting lights, moving the many sets in and out of the theater or assisting administration, interns can be found in every department of the opera. The Council President, Felicia H. Blum, personally thanked the interns, who join the opera from as near as Cooperstown and as far as England, for their work and her excitement to learn more about their responsibilities. The evening ended sweetly with an ice cream truck serving up tasty cones!

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